I am happy to be posted here at St. Elizabeth. I am in my second year here in Canada and this is my first appointment in the Archdiocese of Ottawa. I was born in Uganda in 1972, just one year after Idi Amin had taken over as president. Naturally my childhood was very difficult given the circumstances that were brought about by Amin’s reign.  I was able to up grow by the Grace of God and was lucky to be educated in Catholic Schools with the help of the Missionaries.

After I finished my High School in Uganda I went to Kenya for further studies and later on in Sydney, Australia. Before I left my country I had applied to join the Consolata Missionaries. I have acquired degrees in Communications and in Philosophy from the Catholic University of Eastern Africa in Kenya and in Theological Studies from Australia. Before I was ordained deacon, my religious order advised that I would be sent to the Caribbean to help alleviate the shortage of local priests’ personnel.

I was ordained Deacon in May 2002 in Mandeville, Jamaica and to the priesthood at Nyamitanga Cathedral, Mbarara Archdiocese in Uganda on November 30, 2002. I returned to Jamaica where I kept serving until 2018 when I came to Ottawa. While in Jamaica, I taught at St. Vincent Strambi High School and later at the Catholic College of Mandeville. I served as Pastor in three parishes and as chancellor and my last assignment was as Vicar General.

I have been incredibly lucky to come to St. Elizabeth; a very warm and welcoming place. I am grateful for the patience and love that has been offered to me by the parishioners in spite of my weaknesses. I have an exceptional team of Deacon Fred Jardine, Chris Graham, Lourdes Villena and Lu Htoo who assist, advise and strengthen me. Together we strive to build a better St. Elizabeth.

With all the skills and knowledge we got from the schools, I derive most of my wisdom from my illiterate mother, now departed. She taught me to love. She taught me to love Jesus Christ especially in the Blessed Sacrament and to love Our Lady, the Blessed Virgin Mary. I always hope to build on these timeless inspirations with my own faith and devotion to bring our church forward.

I am optimistic on what the Lord may help to do here at St. Elizabeth. I and Deacon Fred are so determined to develop and strengthen the youth programmes and to continue encouraging growth in our liturgy. Before Covid19 struck we had started to see some encouraging signs. We are looking forward to a better day, by the help and Grace of God.

I come from a family of eleven children though some have died now. And I hate the cold. Definitely not a fan of winter. Thank you for visiting our website. You are also encouraged to come to worship with us on our weekend Masses at St. Elizabeth.

Fr. Martin Ndyanabo

(July 2020)


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