If you are a Catholic parent and wish to have a child who is under 7 years of age baptized, the process is relatively straightforward, If you are first time parents, this time is particularly exciting and you may have many questions regarding the baptism of your child. The following information will strive to answer some of your questions if you wish to have your child baptized at St. Elizabeth Parish.

This is Juliano Dominick DiNardo, together with his parents Marybeth and David DiNardo. Juliano started coming to our church when he was about 4 months in his mother’s womb. He came every day until one month to his birth. His parents were livestreaming the Mass when the church was under lockdown and they were at Mass everyday for about 4 months. On August 23, 2020 Juliano returned to his church to be baptized, two weeks after his birth. We are so grateful for the services of the DiNardos and welcome little Dinardo back to St. Elizabeth.