The Roman Catholic Church takes the Sacrament of Marriage seriously. Proper preparation for this sacrament is essential for the sacrament to be a life-long commitment. The process of preparation will be explained to you upon your initial interview with our Pastor. Sacraments and liturgies are founded on solid tradition and may not always confirm to secular tradition. Check with the Priest who will preside at your wedding before making plans for your wedding ceremony.

​Only parishioners may be married at St. Elizabeth. There must be sufficient reason to be married here if you are not a parishioner and all preparation must be completed in your home parish.

Do not set any dates until you are booked into our calendar and you have been to your initial interview to determine eligibility to marry in a Catholic Church. Bookings are not confirmed until all paperwork and preparation courses are complete. If you wish to be married at St. Elizabeth Parish, please call the Parish Office 613-725-2242, at least six months before your planned date.